Perishable Cargo

We also specialize in the relocation of perishable items within India and abroad. The perishable items require utmost care for packing, transporting and delivering. Some perishable items include food, vegetables, fruits, Seafood’s, meat, flowers and other such items that need to be delivered in a short span of time. Packing is very significant and the type of packing usually differs according the condition and type of items. Some facts that should be considered during the packing include value and weight of the items and adverse and moisture conditions. Plastic is most frequently used material for packing in terms of cost effective and light weight. Another type of packing is using cardboard. It is a traditional method that has been used for long period for transporting items within and outside country. The third type of packing is bubble packing: it gives some cushion effect to the item during transport. If more protection is required the packing can be overlapped for many times.

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